About TAAP

The Asexual Awareness Project (TAAP) is an organization dedicated to providing resources on asexuality and aromanticism to the public. TAAP operates on a local level by working with other LGBTQ+ organizations in the DC Metro Area, as well as on the national level by working with other ace and aro advocates to further the national movement.

TAAP’s goals are to increase the visibility of ace and aro identities, to provide resources on asexuality and aromanticism to professionals (e.g. doctors, mental health professionals, educators), and to support ace and aro members of society. Please visit our projects page to see what we are currently doing to further these goals.

TAAP is closely partnered with Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic, a social Meetup.com group for asexual-spectrum people in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


TAAP is writing a book… and we need your help!

We were approached by a publisher several months ago who would like to publish a book on asexuality and aromanticism.  This book would be geared towards people who work with asexual and/or aromantic people in a professional setting — i.e. mental health professionals, doctors, guidance counselors, volunteers/employees at LGBTQ+ centers, etc. The goal of the …

Ace and Aro Hospitality Suite is Official at Creating Change 2019

On May 25th, 2017, thirteen asexual activists sent an email petition to Andy Garcia, the Creating Change 2019 conference director, to include an asexual spectrum hospitality suite as an official part of the event in Detroit, Michigan this coming January. Hospitality suites at Creating Change are places where people of similar identities can connect with …